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Explicit Instruction in Junior School

As part of the Phase Two NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan (Phase 2 Action Plan) our teachers are working to improve the quality of instruction we provide in the classroom. We are prioritising explicit instruction in all aspects of literacy and numeracy. Explicit instruction is an instructional approach that has a strong and ongoing evidence-base to support its effectiveness in teaching. In simple terms, explicit instruction involves a three-step process.

Step 1: Teachers model new skills and learning for the children. Teachers make important ideas clear to the children and teach them the important processes around the new skill or learning. Multiple models are provided to the children during this step.

Step 2: Teachers guide the children in applying the new skill or learning. During Step 2, teachers walk the children through the new skill or learning in a step by step manner providing many opportunities for practice. Teachers provide support based on the needs of the children - this may vary from a high to a low level of support. If children experience difficulty at this step, teachers return to Step 1 and model the process to re-teach the skill or concept. Many opportunities for feedback are provided to ensure children are clear on how well they are learning the new concept or skill.  

Step 3:  Independent practice of the new skill or learning. This is the final step in the explicit teaching process. This involves the children applying the new learning of the skill or concept in a range of contexts. During this step, the teacher is on hand to provide feedback and assistance as needed, while the children work to use the new skill or concept independently.

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